Xcape Room Warehouse
Xcape Room Warehouse

Escape from the Ordinary...

What is Xcape Room Warehouse you might ask? Well, let’s start with what is an escape room? Have you ever watched a movie about finding hidden treasure? You know what I am talking about... A group of misfit kids find a map in the attic, right? They have to solve a series of riddles and complete tasks to find the treasure from the map. Sound familiar? They are up against the clock, find the treasure, they save their parents’ house. If they don’t complete the tasks and riddles in time, the bankers get to tear it down and turn it into a golf course... It’s exactly like that! But you’re lucky, win or lose, you don’t have to sell your house.

We have several rooms that are filled with puzzles, riddles, and a little magic! You and a group of friends will have sixty minutes, beginning when you enter the room, to discover its secrets and escape. If you get off track or need a clue and a bit of help, we’ll be watching. Don’t worry about physical strength, we won’t make you hold a boulder up to escape the Xcape Room Warehouse!

Room Themes

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Back to the 80's - Click for details! Taken II - Click for details! Detention Club - Click for details! Area 52 - Click for details! Saloon Stash - Click for details! Curse of the Mummy - Click for details!